The Chinese medicines at our online shop are classified under A-Z medical condition or dysfunction (symptom or disease) and are easy for customers to find the right medicine for their condition.

All of the Chinese herbal formulas (a formula means a group of herbs) at our online shop have been used in our clinic in Australia for the past 18 years and are proven to be very safe and effective.

Chinese herbal medicine in most circumstances can be used alongside western medicine prescriptions to treat illnesses and support the patient’s recovery. Just because herbs are natural, it does not mean they are ineffective or weak. They can be very effective in treating a wide range of acute and chronic diseases.

Chinese herbal medicine has been used in everyday life and medical treatment for thousands of years. Over one thousand herbs have been collected, classified and used to treat illnesses. Over its long history, Chinese herbalists discovered how to combine herbs so that the beneficial effects are maximized and the unwanted effects are minimized. This has lead to the development of a large number of Chinese herbal formulas that are designed to treat a wide variety of common and uncommon diseases. Doctors prescribe one or several formulas for their patients. These herbal formulas can be provided in herbal mixtures for decoction (cooking for tea) or in pills, capsules, granules, liquid and tablets form.

The herbal formulas provide holistic support, and treats all of the presenting symptoms at the same time. The prescribed content and dosage will often change as the condition changes and improves. For example for someone suffering chronic cough and weak digestion, some of the herbs will be to clear the lungs and some will be to improve the digestive system, and some to build up the immune system.